A downloadable game

it is a side scroller game inspired from Mario, Jetpack Joy Ride and etc. In this player can jump and shoot enemies around which are blocking his way to the finish point. This game is in development period i just uploaded it for getting reviews of the player, so that i can make changes in it fell free to add any any changes in the comment. And the game assets are not made by me they are made by the Artist called CasanisPlays and you can check out his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CasanisPlays for learning programming or getting royalty free game assets.

Install instructions

you can download the exe file of the game for playing it and i am also giving away my source file if you need it for making your own game. If y-ou are playing this game with a Xbox controller then the keys are-

press Y - Jump

press A - Shoot

For computer user keys are-

arrow keys for movement

spacebar for jump

shoot with left mouse button


Astromore Game extention.rar 9 MB


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